Christmas in the Oregon Gardens

A week ago today we decided to make a mini adventure to the Oregon Gardens to see all the beautiful lights.  There is ice skating, tube sledding, a market, and of course beautiful lights in the Gardens (and a biergarten for my hubby).

So as we seem to do now, we got the kids bundled up head to toe (and it only took half an hour!)

Then we grabbed our little red wagon, met my uncle, and we were off!

We walked through a life size Alice and Wonderland….

And ventured through candy lane.

And ended at Santa’s house.

Then we made our way over to the ice skating rink….and that was it! We stayed their the rest of the evening.

The kids were able to rent skates, but the best part was the skating seals they could ride on.

I swear I only heard two words from both boys that evening, “Faster Mommy!”

Rosie, of course, was the ever observant one. She sat on the side this time with daddy, taking in all the sights and sounds.

After a few hours on the rink, we packed it up and took our frozen pumpkins home.

So well organized, and absolutely beautiful with all the lights. So much to take in! Again, yet another thing to add to our holiday tradition because let’s face it the kids lovedddddd ice skating!


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