Silver Falls Christmas Party

Almost two weeks ago we had our Christmas Extravaganza weekend, which included the Tree Cutting at the Willamette Forest.  But the two days prior to that event, we had attended both the Silver Falls Christmas Party and the Silverton Tree Lighting.

That weekend was the first very cold weekend (or at least for our blood), like in the 20s.  So the first night was a bit of trial and error of how to bundle Rosie and the boys.

We decided to walk to tree lighting from our house, which was great but crisp!  We met our family at the park where the kids were gathered to make candlelight houses under the gazabeo.  At 6 o’clock the procession then started and the candlelight parade began.  The kids all bundled up, marched proudly with their newly decorated candlelight houses, and what seemed to be hundreds of lights, all danced their way thru downtown, and over the river,  and by the library, and across the bridge, and to the another park where the Christmas Tree was to be lit.

All the streets were closed down to make way for Santa to arrive on the Fire Truck.  One street was lined with a few booths that had complimentary hot chocolate and cookies.  And of course, a Christmas Tree is not complete without a choir.

Such a fun, total small town feel event, but yet it pulled in a huge crowd!

Once the tree was lit, it was time to go home and now!  And the kids made sure to let us know, in a not so settle of a way.  They were frozen, toes, noses, checks and all.

So needless to say, keeping the kids warm the first night was a fail.  Notes taken, lessons learned for the next night.


We woke up the next morning excited for the next event, the Silver Falls State Park Christmas Party!!

My Aunt and Uncle help volunteer each year for this fun event, which is a huge hit.

It was the first event we saw all walks of life.  And after having attended the event I now know why people travel from afar, both City and Country folk.

Gingerbread House 2

The event is spreadout throughout the park, with all different craft tents and booths.  We first started at the lodge and were greated wtih hot cocoa and cookies.

We then made our way over to the Gingerbread making house.  The boys were very creative but luckily had dad’s assistance for engineering the house (even though they had milk crates for support-genius!).

Georgie and House They turned out like this (Georgie was so proud of his!), but in a few minutes ended like this…….


Next it was on to the wreath making.

Steve and Wreath

Wire, holly, bows and all!  Everything you could need to make a wreath, plus great company.  My cousin and her husband and baby girl were their to coach through the wreath making process (a first for us.).


Then it was on to the bird feeder tent.  Everything up to that point had been completely free!!  But rightfully so, it cost only $5 to make a real wood bird feeder.

Georgie and Stick

Then it was onto more play for the boys.

We seriuosly need to chop up some wood and just throw big pieces into the backyard.  A true natural playground.  The boys just loved climbing up and down and all around.

There were still many booths we did not have time to hit, but will have to try for next year.  Especially the wood toy car booth.

The Silver Falls Party was definitely the highlight.  Thanks to all the awesome park volunteers for making the event so special for our littles.

Another tradition for us to continue on in future years!



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