Cut down your own Christmas Tree

Until this year, our experience of tree shopping involved walking thru an Osh Parking Lot (usually in warm weather), debating which out of the 10 trees we would like.

For a throwback, here is last years Christmas Tree


As this year has been the start of new traditions, we decided to march our way into the Willamette National Forest and cut down a tree of our own, true Griswold style!


Thanks to my Uncle, we got permits through the US Forestry Department.

For five bucks you receive your permits and a map outlining the areas within the National Forest that you can cut from.  And other than the few general guidelines provided, you can have your pick of the lot, seriously!

Cutting Tree

Make sure to bring your power saw though.

Steve and Our Tree

And stand back…timber!

Steve and Tree

Family with Tree

Not only did we have an awesome time tree shopping, but the kids got the added bonus of having a fun snow day with their Aunt and Uncle.

Georgie on Hill

Rosie was just along for the ride.  Our little snow bunny.


Ice eating was a hit for the boys.  Per my Aunt’s genius recommendation, we will bring powdered lemonade mix next time for some delicious snow cones.

Georgie eating Ice

And of course, the kids put their dear Uncle Mike to work.

Sled Pulling

And at the end of the day, we had a beautiful, fresh cut tree!

Boys Under Tree

Things we learned;

  1. Wild trees are much thinner than the farmed Christmas Trees.
  2. Lots of sap….looks great!
  3. One thirsty tree.  It drank and drank, and is still chugging.  We can’t keep up.

Such an incredible tradition that I think we are now bound to uphold for future years!









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