Thanksgiving in California

We’re back!

A long over due blog post is finally here, California Edition.

Friday evening we picked up the kids and headed straight out of town.  Steve and I thought it would be easier driving thru the night with the kids asleep, then awake at battle with the bickering.  Unfortunately, the week leading up to the trip had been tiresome already with a few late nights and one overnighter for work.  So needless to say we weren’t starting out the freshest!

But thankfully we managed (with a little help from my mother in law talking us thru the last stretch, helping us keep our dreary eyes awake).

When we landed at my folks, we crashed hard, really hard!  I had to wake Steve for dinner otherwise he would have slept all through Saturday and into Sunday.

NASA launch with grandpa.  Finished with freeze dried ice cream like the astronauts (very interesting tasting)

Thankfully we had a few extra hands on deck to help a tired mom and dad.  

Steve and I started off the trip with a date to celebrate our belated 8 year wedding anniversary (with Rosie in tote).  And, of course, we had to go to our old stomping grounds at Karl Strauss.  Still awesome food but they took off the black garlic fondue!!!  Unbelievable.  By far the best thing on the menu.  Gone.  Tear.

The next day Steve had to venture to Yorba Linda for business and drove by our old place.  He said it was really weird.  Not much had changed except the addition of a side fence in the front yard.  So much hard work, tears, sweat, and money went into that home.  And now we are done!

Yep. Winding up to throw sand in my face!

We also took a few evening trips to our old beach, Seal.  And of course, they had the sand dunes up which the kids just loved running up and down.

Although I absolutely love all the amazing German food by us in Oregon, I really miss a good sushi.  So we made sure to load up at our favorite, Orange Roll and Sushi (the best!) while in town. 

I swear we planned our trip around the food we missed.  Also included were In-n-Out and Taco Surf.

We had a great Thanksgiving with both families.  A few hours is just to short, but it was still awesome catching up with all.  We miss you!

We were lucky enough to be down for our annual pictures with Santa at the Grove, but unfortunately we had to schedule it on Black Friday due to our busy schedule.   So we were apprehensive about the crowds, but it actually turned out way better.  We had the first-morning appointment and had the place to ourselves!  No lines. No crowds. Yessss!!

And we finished the visit with a trip to the best candy store in town.  Oliver was given this cotton candy masterpiece.  He was not thrilled to share, but when it came down to it he agreed to share with his cousins, just not that guy (aka George).

Later that evening we headed to rehearsal in Long Beach for Chris and Natalie’s wedding.

Now Steve and I were very nervous about Ollie performing as ring bearer.  So the weeks leading up to it, we practiced, talked about, and practiced some more.  We know he has a tendency to become overwhelmed with large crowds (let’s face it who doesn’t) so we wanted to make sure he was up to the task.

Reherasal went great.  He was throwing around waves and thumbs up as he walked down the isle.  So Steve and I thought we got this in the bag!


Five minutes before the actual wedding he cocooned.  So as a resolution dad walked down the isle with him.  Oliver had his eyes closed the entire time and when he got to the alter he buried his head in the pillow.

Can tell you what, I don’t think he will have a second job as ring bearer!

But boy was he sure handsome.

Such a beautiful wedding.  So much fun and we are so grateful we got to be apart of it!

Sunday was Rosie’s Sip and See Party.  As always, Debbie and Rob outdo themselves.  Party was beautiful! (Thank you Debbie and Rob).

I am especially in love with the junk journal! You can see more of what’s inside here.

And again so fun to see family!

Monday was Disneyland with the family.  All I can say is damn!  People, people and more people.  Hot.  And my babies turned into little demons!!  But at least it was fun to be with family.

All in all it was an incredible trip with family!  

It was weird to be back in California.  Almost as nothing had changed.  But yet so much had.  A distant memory yet it felt like we never left.  Very hard to explain.

But we will be back in summer.  Just a few short months away.

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  1. sherri ashman

    it was so good seeing you all and seeing our new rosie. I forget how much I miss you all.
    you are so wonderful . love you all . sherri

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