Fireman Sam, scratch that, Fireman Oliver and Georgie

This last week was one for the books, watching a real house burn, (training of course), and we had front row tickets!

The kids were absolutely stoked!

Once and a while someone will donate their house to the fire district, usually for one of two reasons a) write-offs or b) if it’s a mobile home, the owner does not have to pay a hallway fee (usually a couple thousand).

So all around its a win for everybody!

In rural areas such as where this fire burn was, there are no water lines (only wells)…aka no fire hydrants.  So the fireman have to bring in their supply of water via tanker trucks.
Temporary basins are set up that will house the water throughout the firefighting exercise, such as this one……
The kids were put to work in no time, unrolling the hoses and checking the water level.  (But all Georgie wanted to do was play with the floater ball).
Get the lighter fluid, light the flare, and watch her burn…. (although I know it’s not as simple as it seems for the fireman).
I know I’m stating the obvious here, but wow can those fires get hot!!!

Even at a far, after staring at the fire for a few hours, we went home with dry and burned faces….that’s one big bonfire!!  I can’t imagine running into the actual house, damn!  (All our respect to those firefighters!)

(Yep…baby Rosie is in the car seat, in the road….well the road was closed. Parents of the year!)

(The houses are marked sides “A, B, C, D” for ease of communication)
(I think this is our first family photo, Christmas card anyone?)

When the house was just about burned, the excavator came in to finish the job.

After a hard day’s work for the fireman, it was time to sit back and watch the remaining flames finish her off.
This exercise left an absolutely lasting impression on the boys, heck what am I saying, it left a lasting impression on the whole family (well maybe not Rosie….she slept the whole time. The idles of the fire trucks are music to the baby’s ears).

We are so grateful to the team for including us in this very educational and eye-opening event!!  It was lit!





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