Pacific City-Oregon Coast

We had made plans to get away for my 30th birthday, however, with the move we decided to put it on hold.  So as part of my 31st, I decided to book a family weekend trip to the Coast, Pacific City to be exact.

I found a great beachfront house through AirB&B.  I know I’m behind the game (really behind, like years), but this was our first time using AirB&B, so we didn’t know what to expect.

But the house exceeded our expectation in every possible aspect.  Totally reasonable and great location!

I think the best part was watching the kids from the deck while they run around and wreak havoc in the sand.  It was so nice having a private beach to ourselves.  The boys could just be free and wild!

Thursday evening we arrived and headed straight to dinner at the well known Pelican Brewing Company. It was good, but the kids were tired from a long day and the drive so unfortunately, it was more of a juggling act at dinner trying to keep everyone at bay, so the meal was not as enjoyable as we had hoped.  But had we gone back, I would have liked to sit on the patio, with a beer while watching the waves in the background.

Now we saw public drinking at the beach, but are unfamiliar with Oregon Law.  Is this allowed??!  Also, are fires allowed on the beach?

We headed to our beach house, just in time to watch the sunset go to bed!

The next morning we got an early move on to have breakfast on the beach.

We stopped at the local Grateful Bread Bakery for some pastries and coffee.  I highly recommend the chocolate toffee hazelnut scone….sooo good.  Best scone I had.  We went back the next morning for a second one.

We drove out on the beach, kids bundled in the back of the truck, eating our breakfast while watching the surfers.  It was perfect and so fun bringing the truck on the sand!! Steve got to try his off-road features (the darn thing has 10 gears-crazy if you ask me!).

Afterward, we headed up to Tillamook for the well-known cheese tour.  Steve and I have been here a few times, however, not after the recent remodel so it was a somewhat new experience for us as well.

(I call this grandma behind the wheel)
  (Picking one of the many ice cream flavors)
(I thought this was adorable.  He found the cans of Tuna in the shop and start staking them up in equal heights as if they were his blocks.  Dad was so proud!)

The renovated Cheese Factory was very well done.  The best part, of course, is still the ice cream!  However, when we go back next month with our family I will definitely be trying their food (grilled cheese looked amazing, especially when paired with a beer on tap 🙂 ).

We then stopped off at a local diner in Tillamook for lunch and headed back to the beach house for naps and a little R&R.

Once the kids were up, we celebrated my birthday with local pizza and beer.  The kids sang happy birthday and I blew out my ‘candle’ (a lighter Steve found at the house).  We rounded out the evening with the kids playing on the sand while Steve and I toasted our beverages on the deck watching the sun go down.   A very low key and fun day creating memories with the family.

The next morning we had a repeat of breakfast on the beach, followed by a hike up the giant sand mountain!

Ollie hiked it all by himself, but Georgie struggled.  We got him half way up by playing ‘doggie’ (he would crawl up the hill on all fours, a few times he even licked the sand like a dog), but that didn’t last.  He soon wanted to be carried and I had Rosie in the carrier, so the job fell on Steve’s shoulders to get him up the mountain.
But man was the view worth it!!

The best part was watching the kids run and slide down, pure happiness (and a whole lot easier!).

On the way back to the house, we took a detour off-roading in the Raptor on a small trail down to a locals beach.  Steve was laughing so hard as he watched his new truck tear up those trails.  At one point we had all the windows open and at full speed and drove thru a small river.  Needless to say, the water splashed all over us, the seats, and the kids.  George hated it and Oliver loved it.  (A car wash was a must when we got back into town).

The kids were perfectly tuckered out for their nap (yay!!).

We had dinner at a local family owned Mexican joint and then headed back to the casa for more sand play and cocktails.

I think this was the first family vacation for us not pitching a tent.  It really was spectacular and so much fun!!

(Sorry for so many pictures, we had a few requests to include more.  Let me know if it slows down the page 🙂 )



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