Fall at Fir Point Farms, Aurora Oregon

We woke up early with the intention of spending the morning at the Canby Flea Market hosted by the Canby Historical Society and although we did make it there, it was a smaller event than we anticipated.  They had so much fun though looking at all the old toys and they each picked out one old train to add to their collection.

Since we had the troops already out and the morning was still ‘young’, we decided to continue our exploration.

And we ended up a Fir Point Farms.

Now had we been more prepared we would have brought our boots and warmer coat, at least the kids had their appropriate attire on because burr was it cold!!

The farm was completely decorated for fall, pumpkin patch, corn mazes, hay rides, cow rides, petting zoo, and the creme de la creme….Hot Apple Cider and Warm Apple Cider Donuts!!!

They were seriously the best.  Absolutely amazing.

I wish I took a picture of the goodies but I was nursing at the time and by the time I finished they were gone!

The first ride of the morning was the cow pull (not real cows).

And they went fast!  I was worried about George because the ride went all the way out through the acres of the corn maze, but I should have figured he would have a smile on his face when he returned.  He actually started to cry when Steve took him out!
Next up was the settle but much more pleasant hayride.  As part of the tour of the property, I learned a fun fact: the flowers you see in the pumpkin fields are actually unpollinated or flowers missed by the bees.  If pollinated they would be pumpkins (may be common knowledge here though??).

Oliver really loved the playground slide.  Georgie was so cute, he would wait at the top of the slide for his big brother before going.

I want to go back to this farm before fall is over, but if not it will leave us wanting more for next year!!  It will be a must. 🙂


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