Chaos with Three and a Visit from Family

This last week was spent in good company with Grammy and Grandpa (Papa as Georgie likes to say).

It was great having all hands on deck to help the first week home with baby Rosie and smoothing over that transition for the boys.

Every morning started with a new local brewed coffee, I finally had another coffee drinker in the house (Papa).  Plus I am able to enjoy a hot cup of joe guilt and pregnancy free!  Then the rest of the mornings followed with trying to wrangle Rosie, George, and Oliver up for a small adventure.

Even though it wasn’t that long ago since we had a baby in the house, I seemingly forgot how much work and time it takes to get the family together.  A typical routine is something like this:

  • Rise and Shine.  Steve is up with the boys early to take care of priorities, breakfast!
  • I nurse Rosie.
  • We change both the boys into their play clothes.
  • I change Rosie.
  • Georgie poops.  Diaper change is required.
  • I nurse Rosie.
  • Shower time.
  • Get dressed and pack a day bag full of diapers, wipes, jackets, and snacks.
  • I change and nurse Rosie.
  • Boys get their shoes on.
  • And we are out the door.

A minimum of what feels like a 2-hour routine.

Then I have a 2-hour, at best, window before Rosie feeds again.  Better be somewhere convenient to nurse.  I am exhausted by the time we make it out the door and into the car!

But nonetheless we did have great adventures with family in town; Apple Cider Donuts at Bauman Farms, Peach Shortcake at EZ Orchards,  Marionberry Turnovers at Willamette Pie Company, a Picnic in the rain at Silver Falls State Park, and birding at Minto-Brown Island Park.  Fun memories created.

Georgie and his stick, that boy.



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