Welcome Baby Rosie!

The past two weeks I’ve been MIA from posting but we’ve had a good reason; on Sept. 5th at 11:18pm we welcomed Rosemary Ann Johnson into our family!

It all started with my 40-week appointment scheduled earlier that afternoon.  The doctor said he was going to scrap my membrane (as he started doing it).  I was unfamiliar with this process and did not question him, however as soon as I left his office I did what all anxious mothers-to-be should not do, Google it!  Everything I found said this started labor within a few hours to a day.

Yippee, I thought.  Maybe this baby will come soon.  But the pessimist in me said, yeah fright it will probably be another week!

We went to daycare picked up the kids and came home.  Within that time period, I started feeling stronger contractions.

I waited an hour or so and they only intensified.  By 630pm we were checked into the Silverton Birthing Center.  Luckily my aunt and uncle had the kiddos at the grand opening of the water feature in town that evening and were nice enough to extend the fun into an overnight slumber party.

By 730pm they moved us out of triage and into our own room, which we stayed in for the duration of our stay.

Of course, I opted for the epidural but by the time it was administered I was already 7 cm dilated.  (Things move a bit quicker with baby #3!).

The epidural was so effective that within an hour or so after administering, and unbeknown to me, my water broke.  Half an hour later the nurses came in to check my progress and realized, wow your water broke and your 10cm dilated.  The doctor was so calm in nature when she said, “okay, let’s just try pushing.”

One push, oh wow there’s the head!  Okay, two push, and three…baby out!

It all happened so quickly that a few moments passed by before the nurse asked, what is it?!

It’s a girl!

Steve and I couldn’t believe it.  He actually checked again to make sure.

We were in awe.  7lb 10oz Rosemary completes our family!

I was so fortunate that this had been the easiest delivery and really the most positive experience at the hospital.  We were so well taken care.  All the nurses made sure to make it as relaxing as possible.  Upon our checkout we were even given a care package by the hospital; lasagna, breadsticks, salad, sparkling apple cider, and cookies.  The complete first meal home!

Oliver and George have really taken to the big brother role.  The first few days consisted of fighting between the two of whose turn it was to hold Rosie.

Georgie especially has really taken to her.  Always wanting to help, even if it’s throwing away the dirty diapers.  If they hear her whimper, they drop whatever they are doing in the next room over and immediately ask to see Baby Rosie (making sure she’s okay).

Rosie, thankfully, appears to be very adaptable, not that she has much choice.

When the boys are banging on pots and pans, she is fast asleep unbothered by the noise.

She is content just being held, doesn’t matter what position.  But as any parent knows, it’s not all rainbows.  Rosie is a mad pooper!  I and my clothes have already been tagged more times than I can count (this was not a problem with the boys).

But even though we only have two sets of hands and three kids and our life is a total mess with complete chaos, we are so overjoyed to have Rosie in our lives.

We can’t wait to watch her grow into her personality!


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