Willamette Valley Pie Company

Saturday morning we took a quick drive to the Willamette Valley Pie Company just down the road.

We found out as we were getting in the car to leave that unfortunately the cafe does not open till 9 on Saturday,  So it goes without saying that we had very hungry toddlers by the time they opened.  Luckily we do have emergency stashes of food in the car, everything from goldfish and breakfast bars to dum dum’s (thanks grandma!) and cheerios.

Needless to say, they ate all before breakfast….and then had breakfast!

The pie company does have a fun outdoor setup for kids, including an old tractor, play equipment, and a miniature John Deer Tractor which George immediately took to.

He is a true farm boy at heart!

George, “WEEE…..WEEE…..WEEE…..non stop!”  He loved the swings.

The cafe had amazing looking turnovers, muffins, pies, and scones with just about every berry you could think of; marionberry, forest berry (which I’ve never heard of), boysenberry, blueberry, and huckleberry (as well as many other fruits).

They also had a cute small library set up for kids in the cafe.  Oliver and George could have a good read with their breakfast.

I want to try and make it back here in the afternoon as they had it set up for a fun outdoor hot dog stand, which I think the kids would really enjoy.

We could not leave without taking a pie home, a Marionberry Crunch Pie to be exact.  That crunch really sets it apart from any other.  Soooo good, especially a la mode (right babe?!).

It’s so fun having these farms just minutes down the road from us, each with something unique to offer!


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