T Minus Baby in One Week

One week to go till my due date!  We had nine months to prepare, but it seems like all our focus was on the move.  Now that we are here, it’s hard to grasp.

I thought we would have more time!!  But I suppose that is always the case.

So we are still prepping the house as much as possible in the evenings.  Although the kids sleeping habits have been out of sorts the past week or so and it’s been difficult to not just want to crawl into bed ourselves.

It seems they are conspiring together.  I can just picture them in bed,

“No George, tonight is your night.  Raise some hell!”

George, “you’re on Ollie….waaaaaa, mommy, daddy!!!!”

The baby isn’t even here yet and already it feels like we have a newborn.  Well if anything is certain, this baby is surely shaking the family up!

Every day the boys grow more attached to the belly and me.  I feel really bad for Steve, he has been so patient with the boys but they are very standoffish right now.  A quick phase I’m sure, but nonetheless no fun for him 🙁

Case and point- 1) Clingy Kid and 2) Very tired mama

I’ve said this with every pregnancy but man is this kid strong! The evenings especially, it’s breakdancing time on all bodily organs.

Steve has to hear me complain every single night, “I swear this kid is going to break my water with the move.”   He just politely smiles and says his usual, “yes dear.”

But in all seriousness, I do not remember going through quite this level of discomfort from the babies jives.

It truly is amazing how different every pregnancy is!

Despite all the uncertainty the boys have about the upcoming week, they really are excited at the end of the day.  George puts on his boots and is ready to go and ‘meet the baby!’

7 Days to go folks, possibly more, possibly less.…T Minus Baby!



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