Molalla Train Park

The boys had quite the adventuresome weekend. It was my aunt and uncles idea to take Oliver to the Molalla Train Park this weekend as a belated birthday celebration.

And we were lucky enough to have family in town, so the boys got double the love!

The train park is located at the end of a small residential road in Molalla, Oregon.  At first glance, we thought we turned down the wrong road, but nope, the Molalla Train Park is just tucked away in the trees.

There is free street parking, or local residents charge $2 for parking on their property.

From my understanding, the park’s operators are all volunteers!  And there is absolutely no charge to ride the trains or attend the park.

It is truly amazing.  Steve and I still couldn’t believe such a charming and well put together place could be free.  That’s unheard of in California!

Nevertheless, we all packed a fun picnic lunch complete with fried chicken, Uncle Jim and Aunt Julie’s fresh cookies, Uncle Mike and Aunt Jackie’s fresh picked blackberries from the Madrona Heights Farm, and homemade Niemeyer Coffee Cake. YUM!!  There is a great picnic area at the front of the park where all the trains loop around (great for viewing).  But come early, the tables fill up quick with lots of birthday parties.

When we go back we will definitely bring our picnic box again!  Although there is a fun concession stand for snacks and goodies if your heart so desires.  You do have to carry your trash out of the park so make sure to bring a trash bag!

The boys really enjoyed the train rides, as well as the small model trains.  Ollie enjoyed himself a little too much and actually had a potty accident on the train ride.  I seriously cannot remember the last time that happened!

At least it was all in fun and with smiles on.

We have added the Molalla Train Park to our map and will be frequent flyers in the future (when the season permits)!  

Thank you, Uncle Mike, Aunt Jackie, Uncle Jim and Aunt Julie for all the fun!






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