4 Year Old Birthday

This weekend we celebrated Oliver’s 4th Birthday with spectacular fun!

Saturday evening we had a party with Steve’s family, which was really nice because it was our first time meeting a lot of his cousins.  Leading up to the party Ollie had been asking for a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting, just like Grandguy. 

Well, we know how 4-year olds can change their mind (frequently!) and Thursday afternoon was no different.  He had a change of heart and now wanted a rainbow cake (poop! chocolate cake would have be so much easier).  Begrudgingly I went on Amazon and ordered an assortment of dye gels, since ours were tossed in the move.  I needed all the help I could get to create a rainbow cake or at least what would resemble a rainbow.

Thankfully I had my sister’s past cake design to fall back on (@triplelayercakes).  But of course her’s turned out way better than my sad creation.  Ended up covering it in sprinkles (helps hide all the imperfections!).  Oh well, at least he’s four and not a terrible critic yet.

We kept Saturday simple, however, guests had to pay the price of admission by bringing their own outdoor camping chair since we do not have patio furniture yet.  It just added a very outdoorsy feel to the party.Oliver had requested pizza and chips for his dinner selection (yay! delivery here we come…nice and easy).

Oliver and George were absolutely spoiled by their family and without a doubt loved every gift!  Even though it was way past their bedtime by the time the party was done, we still had to promise the boys a half an hour of play with their new toys (yes…really late night with tired kids! Yippee…,,can’t wait for tomorrow).

Their ever talented Grandma sent up two new handmade pillowcases; Finding Nemo and Disney characters.   George would not let them out of his site.

(Yes, my children are dirty! Just means they are having fun.)

So needless to say the pillowcases went on their pillows that night.  Thanks Debbie!

Sunday we promised Oliver we would take him to the Zoo for his birthday in Portland and stop at the toy store to pick out any toy he wants.

But due to the high sugar intake the night before and the late night partying, the kids were exhausted when waking at their normal 5am hour and might I add very cranky!!!

Keeping it 100%, we did have a very rough morning with the kids.  It’s difficult for me to come down hard on the kids when it’s their birthday.  Silly me but I always have this image of waking up with the kids, smiles and laughs all around, balloons floating in the air, donuts, and bacon for breakfast, basically everything but white doves flying in the background.  So when we wake up to tears, fighting, screaming, more tears, it can really rain on everybody’s parade.

Despite being already exhausted, we piled in the car to head to the Zoo.  We had promised the boys donuts on the way, but as we soon found out, there really was no great donut place between home and basically the outskirts of Portland for donuts.   Not one donut shop!  Crazy concept for us since Yorba Linda had more donut shops than gas stations, litterally on every corner.

Upon driving the country roads we found two things; 1) the mom and pop shops are closed on Sunday 2) there is not a great demand for donuts in the country.  

So we stopped at a bakery which was a truly authentic Mexican Bakery.  Delicious pastries, but terribly messy in the car.

By the time we reached the zoo, everybody was in better spirits and we were able to leave the rough morning behind us.

Once we told Oliver the Zoo had a train, he spoke of nothing else the entire trip; mom where’s the train, mom are we going to ride the train, mom the trains not here….mom….mom and dad!

Oliver did love the fish, snakes, giraffes, and lions.

George loved the tortoise! Ironically the most uneventful exhibit he loved.  We had to pull him away from the tortoises, he did not want to leave.  Such a funny kid!

The train ride was the last stop on our adventure.  Oliver was so excited he would not stop talking, to me, the man behind me, and the kid behind him, to everybody!

Thank goodness we could all hold it together for a fun day.  Although George was pretty tuckered out by the time we got to the train.

And the absolute last stop on our list was the toy store.  Dad took only Oliver in to pick out a very special something while George and I waited across the plaza.

When Oliver walked out those doors he was smiling from ear to ear with the largest box, yelling across the plaza “LOOK MOM. I GOT A TRAIN.  LOOK!!”  He could not contain his excitement.

That boy sure loves train.  And Oliver picked out a special turtle animal for George.  On the way home both boys fell asleep with their toys clutched to their chest.  They did not let go.  At one point the car would break and Ollie’s head would bounce forward, hit his train box, and rebound back.  Great entertainment for Steve and I.All in all we had a very fun but exhausting weekend!  Thank you to all our family and friends for thinking of Oliver on his special day.  Meant the world to us. 





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