Bauman Farms

After spending the last two years of what felt like a separated family, between Steve exhausting every free moment fixing up the house while the kids and I would be out exploring, we were never on the same page.  Always running different schedules that never aligned.  The kids missed their dad, as did I.

Well finally, this weekend, we were able to create amazing memories as a family.  We had no deadlines, nowhere to be, and almost no stress (with the exception of the old Yorba Linda House issue still lingering, but that’s a different story), so we could really focus our efforts on the kids..

And what better way to do that then visit our local Bauman Farms in Gervais, Oregon.

I feel we just can’t go wrong at Bauman Farms, especially with kids!  The outdoor play area is every kid’s dream (or at least mine); from the crafted wood fort to the hazelnut-filled playground (seriously, instead of sand or wood chips it’s hazelnuts), to the mountain of climbable tires, to the track of bikes, to the high slides made of HDPE pipe, and to the tractor.  Plus there is also a small farm of animals to visit.  I’m not affiliated with Bauman Farms and although this seems like a sales pitch, it’s not.  We just all really love the very charming place!

After we cycled the kids on the playground for a few laps, we then headed to the store and garden.  The best two things hands down, the boysenberry pie and the Apple Cider Donuts (and the fresh popcorn)!!  Although we arrived later in the afternoon this time and they were closing down shop on the donuts :(.  Oh well, just means we will be coming back that much sooner to get our fix!

Oliver and Georgie picked out one item and out of anything, even candy, they opted for an apple (yay! but surprising).  Fresh peaches are in season and ever juicy and bountiful right now.  We, of course, purchased a flat, as well as their local ciders (which you can sample and purchase on tap as well in the garden area).

We got to talking to a couple at the playground with their grandchildren and they absolutely insisted that we bring the family back at fall time for the harvest festival.  Said it was the best and not to be missed! And after looking at the photos online I have to say I would agree.  We now have it on the books.

After a fun relaxing afternoon at the farms, we headed back home for a well overdue and promised movie night for the boys.

We spread out all blankets and pillows in the living room, put PJs on, and popped some yummy popcorn to finish the day!

(Plus we had an amazing visit from Aunt Teresa and Uncle Tom earlier that day).





  1. Debbie J

    Mom & I went there and loved it too. Had a hard time getting her out of the fort…she loves a good slide! They had awesome peanut butter cookies too!
    Love & miss all your faces,
    momma j

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