Davenport Days

Our first weekend as Oregonians and we are already enjoying the local Silverton Town flavor of the Davenport Days,

Friday evening started with a fun trolley ride (tractor ride with a flatbed car) from the parking lot to the festival grounds.  It was also the First Friday of the month, and in downtown historic Silverton, that means all business open roll out the carpet and open their doors to the locals and travelers afar.  Typically offering live music, hot chocolate, cookies, etc.  A complete small town evening to experience.

So not only was it First Friday but also Davenport Days, a doubleheader!

The Davenport festivities offered live music, entertainment, food and lots of local vendors.  But of course, the first thing the kids saw was the bounce house, and then the second was the shaved ice.  So we opted for the shaved ice.

Within 30 seconds of sitting down, the shaved ice managed to spill off the cup and onto the table…..oops.  Who am I kidding though, did I really expect no spillage??? (Yeah right!).  At least the kids sported a smile and their tongues and fingers were painted blue the rest of the night (which they loved).

Saturday morning we then headed down to the Silverton Parade.

Thankfully we had Uncle Mike to scout a good viewing spot, and unknown to us, the parade throws out tons of candy to the kids.  So a spot up front was critical for the munchkins.  We were quickly educated on the proper town etiquette.  Everything from fire trucks, to local floats to the Davenport couch vehicles (raced on Sunday), were on display for all to see.  Of course, the fire trucks won over my boy’s hearts!

We rounded out the evening with the Star Party at Silver Falls State Park.  Such a fun event put on State Park!  We were guided from the parking lot to a bridge across the river, illuminated by glow sticks, to a check-in booth offering free hot chocolate and cookies for the kids.  Also, each kid received a free glow stick to wear!  We brought our blankets and jackets and walked to the open meadow where all you could see is a vast sea of illuminated glow sticks.  It was as if hundreds of stars had gathered in the meadows, such a beautiful sight!

There, astronomer enthusiasts volunteered their scopes so the public could take an incredible look at the heavens above.  Steve and I were shown the rings on Saturn, which we could see as clear as day.  It was absolutely incredible!

Oliver just needed Uncle Mike and his glow stick.  No stars required.
George needed his cuddles, and he would occasionally gaze up at the impressive display of stars.
Only in the California desert or the Sierras could you get such an incredible view of the stars, which would either require a 2-hour drive or a decent hike up a trail.  But now, this is in our own backyard!  We could even view milky way whenever we want (given it’s not overcast and a full moon 🙂 ).  We are in awe and so grateful to be here!

Sunday we went berry picking at the Madrona Farms, locally sourced and supplied by Mike and Jackie Niemeyer.

Ollie could not eat them quick enough!  His hands were not supplying his mouth at a rapid enough rate, so he figured out he could scoop out the berries from the communal pot with his small cup and just tilt his head back and open the shoot!  Well, it apparently worked because Steve and I only had a handful of berries and Georgie only had a couple, the rest were Ollies.

Such an incredible weekend.  Loved spending time as a family!!!



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