Pros and Cons to Moving

We just successfully completed our move across the state line and here are the pros and cons (the good, the bad, and the ugly) to the very wonderful and incredibly stressful moving process!


-10 Man crew was able to pack up our entire house in less than a day and load our house in another day. (And a huge thanks to Uncle Jim for staying with the movers as they loaded up the house!)

-The moving truck arrived on time, in two days as quoted.

-Exploring new fun territory and taking the adventure of a lifetime!!

-Friendly new neighbors.  Lots of snacks and goodies were dropped off for us and the kiddos.  The hospitality here is unlike anything in California.


-The movers sold a door to door delivery and assembly service, however, upon move-in day we were informed the movers will not be assembling the furniture nor unpacking.  This was a huge upset as we had paid a premium for these particular movers.

-An hour before the movers are ready to leave our new house we are informed the wardrobe boxes must be returned or else an additional charge will be incurred on our bill.  Talk about a fire drill!  Steve and I frantically unloading all wardrobe boxes and literally just throwing our clothes, shoes, etc. on the floor.  Slightly stressful!  And at this time, Steve is throwing his hang-ups in the closet, when the closet bar decides it has enough and just falls to the floor.  Okay, one closet broken.  Add it to fix list.

-The cleaners I had hired did an absolutely terrible job!! It was very upsetting to pay for a deep clean house service and get left with dirty drawers, floors, sticky walls, and cabinets, etc.  Especially since there was no furniture in the house at the time. At 8 months pregnant it makes it very difficult to deep clean the house yourself.  But okay, we’ve handled worse, we can do this.

-The ordered standard size fridge did not fit in the kitchen space.  But Costco hauled the new fridge away at no charge.  To reorder a fridge it would take approx. 2-3 weeks.  So in the meantime cousin Katie and husband Woody were so kind to bring an extra fridge down for us to use in the interim (this should really be in the pros!!).

-Realized as the movers are unloading the gas dryer that the laundry only has hookups for electric.

The laundry room is in the basement and unfortunately, it’s not easy to plum a gas line to this location.  And we had just bought our gas dryer less than 6 months prior.  The house has a gas range stove though, so you would think the laundry would’ve been gas too….but okay its not.  So quick, let’s order a new electric dryer.  Bummer, 2-3 weeks to ship and deliver….how long can we make it with our laundry? Have enough clean underwear? (But again, another pro, having family close.  Thanks Aunt Jackie for the loan of your dryer!).

-Meanwhile, my nesting urges are at an all-time high.  Looking around the new house I just see mess and chaos.  But then I remember how far we come and how close we are to the end.

-With stress comes sickness.  Steve, unfortunately, came down with a fever and body aches the evening the movers left our new house.  And I’m coming off bedrest with not my complete strength, but okay, let’s make this work.  We need to unpack a certain amount of boxes to at least get the toiletries, dishes, kids wipes/diapers, clothes, etc.  Thanks to recruited family (Aunt Jackie, Woody, Katie, and every cheerful Reese) that dropped everything to help me unpack.  Such a huge help!!!

-Lastly, a few pieces of furniture did break and although we love all our pieces, the two dressers that Steve and I built together that are so near and dear to my heart, unfortunately, were damaged.  And the going rate for the insurance carried by the movers 6 cents/1lb. Woohoo, we can now replace a single nob on the dresser!

Prior to this move, I would have my morning pep talks; something will go wrong on this move and that’s okay.  Move forward and onward.  Don’t stress too much.  Things will happen.  Life will happen!!  And it did.  But I felt much more mentally equipped to handle the bumps along the road thanks to my morning mantra.

So what we learned at the end of the day, there is only so much in your control and then the rest you just roll with!

(Otherwise your move will be an absolute nightmare!)


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  1. ultimatewines

    God bless your wonderful family in Oregon for dropping everything to help. Just wish we were closer and could help, too. We’ll be praying for you and hoping these BIG bumps in the road disappear soon. Lots of love and many hugs.

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