Home First Impressions

Buying a house sight unseen can be a very risky gamble that I’d usually like to avoid.  However, given our situation two months ago, I was not able to walk downstairs to grab my own food let alone jump on a plane and tour a house out of state.  So we made the best of the situation and sent Steve to view the property by himself.  Needless to say lots of videos, photos, and more videos were taken.

One person should not have to bear the sole responsibility of picking your future family house, but yet he did.

After all the stressful, self-doubting, and moments of uncertainty, here we were.  Keys in hand. Standing at the bottom of the steps, looking up at this giant blue house, thinking ‘this is our’s, this is our house….wait, is this our house?”

The kids had already raced up the steps, now looking back waiting for mom and dad. Ollie happily screaming, “can we go in now!?”

And just like that all 5 of us cross over the threshold and into our new life!

Oliver was so excited, he took my hand to show me everything (despite this being his first time stepping foot in the house as well…but who could spoil his pure happiness).

My first impression, wow!

The house lived up to all our expectations.  I could instantly picture Christmas’ in our living room; fireplace lit, stocks hung, a big tree (that we cut ourselves) in the main window, and the kids bundled up under some comfy blankets.  A sense of warmth and peace washed over me.  This was home.

And the backyard, green, trees, dirt, rocks, hills, it has it all.  The perfect kid jungle!!  It even has a tire swing, tetherball, and hammock.  How can you not be at peace when you look out any window in your house and see green nature?  You can’t, it’s inevitable!

This was home.  We were home!

For a moment, all our uncertainties, doubts, and fears took a backseat.  I knew we could make this work.  This was going to be fun!!!

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