Packing Day

Packing day is finally here!

We have planned, prepped, cleaned, planned and prepped again.  It feels like this move became my second full-time job.

Having just been given the green light from the doctor to allow for limited mobility, and being eight months pregnant, very large, uncomfortable and incredibly swollen, it’s stating the obvious when I say I could not offer much help with the moving process.  So Steve and I decided we only had one option, to hire professional movers.

Paying the initial 12k caused a lot of heartburn, especially since the stories we had heard from friends and family ended up with damaged furniture, loss of items, or worst of all, the moving truck crashing into a pond and all furniture was sunk (true story)!  I didn’t want to pay a cent for that experience let alone 12k.  But we did not have many options.

Leading up to moving day I had many nightmares…..

What if the movers take our money and run?

What if they drop my favorite buffet piece?

What if they can’t get semi-truck to our storage unit (oh wait…that actually happened)?

What if (God forbid) there’s an accident on the road and we lose all our belongings?

What if, what if, what if!?

Or what if on the off chance everything went according to plan????

All my fears caused me to overcompensate and plan for the move, plus being with my baby popping at the seams, you know some serious nesting is happening!

But as any mama will tell you nothing goes according to plan!

The real scenario played out something like this…..

Toys all over the house…okay, fine, let’s use my magic mama powers and bribe the children to play clean-up.  Done. Check.

Cheerios, trash, sand, and dried fruit all over the floor.  Fine, lets sweep.  Twenty minutes later George knocks over the trash bin with work papers, food wrappers, and old coffee.  Great!!  Let’s get the broom again.

Since I’m downstairs finding the broom that I seem to misplace already from twenty minutes ago, I think might as well start that last load of laundry before the mover’s package up the washer and dryer.

By the time I come back upstairs, all the toys are back out again, trains on the stairs, cars on the floor, food on the boxes, how did this happen in 2 minutes?  Large sigh…okay clean up again.

As we’re cleaning up for the second time, I seem to come across dirty boy socks all balled up and shoved into the back of the dump truck.  Great.  More dirty laundry….do I have time for another load?  Double sign!

But wait, I forgot to add the smile.  The smile that I’m so desperately trying to wear, the smile that says I’m having fun, moving is great, I’m so excited about this.  The smile that reassures my children everything is okay.  That smile that sets the tone for the family.  Yeah, that smile.

When all I wanted to do was scream!  Scream at the chaos, scream at the frustrations, scream at that last sock in the Mr. green dumpster, and scream out loud, “what are we doing!?!”

SigH, boy I’m exhausted!  Am I done yet?

But amongst all that, packing day is here and the movers did come (on time!) and did box our house in less than a day!  This is just day one of the move, but thus far, I can say I am very happy with the process!

Let’s hope tomorrow’s moving day brings the same luck!




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