Moving Schools

This was the boys last day of school, or should I say last day of daycare, in California.  We have tried our best to mentally prep the boys for this day and the days to follow.  Saying goodbye to their school’s friends and teachers is not easy, at least not for Oliver.  George is still too young to fully grasp the concept, so we got off easy on him.  But based on their smiles that morning, I’d like to think we did an okay job thus far.

How did we prep our two toddlers for moving schools?

  1. We kept the conversation open from day one.
  2. We put extra emphasis on the new school and new friends in Oregon, and always reassured the boys that their new friends and teachers will love them just as much.
  3. We did not dramatize the situation by saying, ” you will never see these friends again.”  Instead, “we are saying goodbye to our friends here, but…..will have new friends in Oregon or will have new special teachers.” Always end a positive.
  4. Ask them how they feel about the move?  Honestly, Oliver seemed thrilled for his last day.  He kept chanting, “my last day of school!!”.  Now, again, he’s four and the move concept is still new to such a fresh mind…..but hey, I will take whatever positivity I can get!
  5.  We have also set up a meeting to show the boys around the school once we are up there.  I feel this is really important because up to this point we’ve been building this new school up as such an amazing place but they cannot actually visualize what their new school will look like.  Putting a face to a name (more or less) is key.  It will allow the kids to process the school prior and make any mental preparations ahead.

Now I know from a mom’s standpoint, I am very excited about the new school for the following reasons:

  1. Half the tuition price we pay in California!!
  2. The school provides meals!!! (Huge Plus).  We had to provide all our own meals previously.
  3. The school sits on a few acres of property, so needless to say there is plenty of room to run and play.  And don’t get me wrong, I loved our daycare in California, but when the daycare is in a shopping center there is only so much room for outdoor play.  And 4 months out of the year the small patch of grass was dirt (water restrictions).  So yes, I look forward to the green trees, green grass, clean air and lots of rain!
  4. The boys will spend more time together.  Since the new school is set up more as a country daycare they have the ability to combine the age groups when the play or activity calls for.  At our old school, there were too many kids to allow for mingling between age groups and classrooms.

Hopefully, their smiles and laughs continue on at the new school!


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