Scouting Oregon

The whole family flew up to Oregon to check out various towns and absorb the local culture to get a taste for the Oregonian way.

Luckily we have some family in the area that stepped in as our own personal local tour guides.  Though it didn’t take much to convince us that this is the place for us.  Everything from the very friendly people, to the beautiful scenery, the farms, the breweries, and even the two-lane highways.  Everything felt right.  Right for us at least!

Scouting Oregon was such a fun experience for the family.  Plus it got the kids really jazzed for the move.  Now they know where Oregon is and it provides them with a point of reference when we talk about the move.

Silver Falls State Park was by far our favorite stop on this tour.  Such an incredibly green and lush park full of many waterfalls.  So many great hiking trails.  In winter time though be mindful to carry the proper boots, it does get muddy (but that is seriously the best!).  We packed light and did not have our proper boots, only running shoes.  So needless to say our feet were cold, damp and muddy.   But you couldn’t wipe the smiles off our faces!

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