Packing Chaos

Life with kids is chaotic enough! Now add in a move, two toddlers, a belly the size of a watermelon, a bedrest mother, an exhausted husband, and hot southern California days (was 118 yesterday!), the output is just complete Chaos and the end result is very tired parents.

We’ve hired professional movers to thankfully pack up and haul our belongings across the state line, but it’s still work leading up to that day.

Evenings we would slip into the kid’s room (while they were sleeping) and start cleaning out the toys unfit for the trip (or, let’s face it, the toys that just don’t have an off button!).  These would make it to the donate box.  We were very careful though to reassure the kids that all their toy’s, beds, train table, etc. were coming with us.

One night we were sitting at dinner and Oliver asked, ” what about my rug Mama, are we leaving that?”  It didn’t dawn on me till then that when we discussed the move, they assumed we were leaving everything.  So we made sure, almost on the daily, to reiterate all the things they hold most dear are coming with us, including the rug!

The concept of moving is tough to understand for an adult let alone a child.

My best word of advice for others going through this or thinking about taking the leap is, be patient.

Chaos will find you no matter how well you prep.  Take a deep breath.  It’s okay to feel overwhelmed (this is totally normal!).  And let things go!  As long as you have you and your family are in the car when the time comes to move, then all the other chips will fall into place! I promise.

(Plus I think this photo just sums it all up)


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