Last day of homeownership in California

Good-bye, California. You Suck!

Good-bye, California!

Good-bye, high property tax bill.

Good-bye, outrageous Southern California Edison Electric Bill ($600+/month)

Good-bye, water restrictions.

Good-bye, electric fireplaces!  Give me the real one baby.

Good-bye, traffic, you blow.

Good-bye sales tax, 10.25% is ridiculous!

Good-bye, very long and hot fire season (like over half the year).  Good-bye, dry Santa Ana winds.

Good-bye, flaky people.

Good-bye, earthquakes.

Good-bye, ridiculous laws ( my favorite, currently outlawing plastic straws unless asked for at restaurants.  Server receives $1000 fine or jail time)

Good-bye, tailgaters (a legit problem).

Good-bye, California, you suck (most of the time!)

This isn’t to say California doesn’t have its moments, because it sure does.  Nothing better than living at the beach, watching the waves roll in.  Golden sun-kissed skin.  And those sunsets.  But what I’ll miss the greatest are my true California loves; In-n-out, Amazing Mexican Food (Avocados), and Sushi!  (And it goes without saying I will miss my family the most)

But once you strap on a mortgage, full-time stressful job, three kids, car payments, etc., the appealing California life just becomes expensive.  Yuck!  We played that game.

We are done.  Bring us something new,

So in celebration, today is our last day of homeownership in California.  We have closed as of 5 p.m.  That definitely calls for a celebratory glass, apple juice for me (although I cannot wait to get this little kiddo out and drink again-bring it on!).

Oregon here we come!



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