Farwell, California Dress

Farwell, Little Summer Dress

Cleaning the house before a big move is a daunting task, however, it can actually be quiet rewarding.  I always feel so accomplished after a big spring cleaning event.  I purged the clutter and chaos from my life.  I now have a clean slate to start with.  I know where my things are and what I have.

I have simplified a small piece of my life and it feels gooooooood!

Farwell, little summer dress.

So when the time comes to move, I say grab this challenge with both hands and kick its big booty.  Now I’ve been told to purge your closet yearly and any items not worn in that time period, donate.  But living in Southern California has really only required two wardrobes; summer attire (80+ degrees) and the other attire (50+ degrees).  So technically speaking I’ve only added to my summer collection over the years and I’ve found no need to purge my closet yearly.  Why, when my clothes are in style 9 months of the year?  Now there are the occasional adult moments when I put on the cute mini skirt I wore shortly after college, and well, needless to say, it doesn’t quite flatter the same body, especially after 3 kids.  Or the style has completely changed and an update is required to stay current, but for the most part, my style and wardrobes remain consistent; dress, skirt, t-shirt, flip-flops, tank, skirt, dress, dress, dress….

So the time has finally come to let a large portion of my summer wardrobe go because I find it hard to believe that I will be walking around in small-town Oregon wearing my SoCal mini beach dress with my red Jessica Simpson Pumps.  Might as well have a sign,

“Hi, I’m the bimbo newbie from California….uhh, like where’s the nearest Starbucks….and why is it so wet here?”

To start my new life in spectacular fashion, and in attempts to integrate nicely with the culture, I’m donating my trusty wardrobe…All (or at least most) summer dress, sandals, and pumps- Good-bye to you.  Ta-ta for now.

Make room for rain boots, parkas, and beanies!


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